• Photo Voltaic System

    A photovoltaic array (also called a solar array) consists of multiple photovoltaic modules, casually referred to as solar panels, to convert solar radiation (sunlight) into usable direct current (DC) electricity. A photovoltaic system for residential.
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  • Solar Thermal Systems

    Using solar power to heat your water is one of the most practical and cost effective ways to harness energy from the sun. Solar thermal systems absorb the sun's heat and use it to heat your residence's own hot water needs.
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  • Energy Management

    Referring to a variety of energy-related software applications which may provide utility bill tracking, real-time metering, building HVAC and lighting control systems, building simulation and modeling, carbon and sustainability reporting, IT equipment management, demand response, and/or energy audits.
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  • LED Lighting

    An LED lamp is a light-emitting diode (LED) product that is assembled into a lamp (or light bulb) for use in lighting fixtures. LED lamps have a lifespan and electrical efficiency that is several times better than incandescent lamps, and significantly better than most fluorescent lamps.
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  • "The sun provides as much energy in one hour as the world consumes in one year"Energy Facts
  • "Each year, the Earth receives over 5,000 times more solar energy than it actually consumes."Energy Facts
  • "Electricity demand will double by 2030 while Energy demand will double by 2050."Energy Facts

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At kawkabuna for energy solutions our goal is to provide you with a total energy saving solution. So the first step is to assess your needs through a FREE Energy Survey Once we have completed that survey we are in a position not just to recommend the best course of action but to assist you in implementing these recommendations.
To develop the Jordanian market by providing solutions for both Energy efficiency and renewable energy use, and to promote the importance of good energy management for the economic, social and environmental well-being of the Jordanian society.