LED Lighting

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If you have a conventional lighting set-up you could be wasting over 50% of all the energy it consumes!

Conventional lighting offers limited control of the energy it uses – in addition to excess cost this produces excess heat which damages your equipment. It is also unable to respond to occupancy changes meaning lights are left on unnecessarily. In addition, conventional lighting cannot intelligently compensate for the presence of natural daylight resulting in over-illumination – this means light is produced whether you need it or not.

High-Efficiency Lamps

As part of a LED installation we aim to replace any inefficient lamps. For example, conventional Emergency Exit Signs must be permanently lit resulting in high energy and maintenance costs (the lamps, ballasts and batteries require regular maintenance and replacement). Our LED Exit Signs eliminate 100% of the maintenance costs and reduce electricity costs by over 80%.

Benefits you could experience with LED include:

  • Total Energy Savings of Over 50% Possible
  • Short Payback Times
  • Suitable For Retrofits or New Buildings
  • Quick & Simple Installation
  • Combine Savings & Comfort
  • Proven in Thousands of Installations
  • Stylish Design, Very Small, Elegant Integration
  • Developed and Manufactured to Highest Quality Standards

Overview Of LED Technology ?