Swimming pool Heating Systems

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Solar Swimming Pool Heating 

Before you begin, consider your climate and reduce your expectations

Nighttime temperatures tend to undo daytime gains, even during sunny weather. A pool blanket is absolutely essential at night as this is when the majority of heat loss takes place - when the air temperature is much cooler than the water. An in ground pool will lose heat faster than an above ground pool as the ground area below 3' in most areas is cold even during the summer. Do you have space for solar panels to receive direct sun most of the day? Will you remove the panels prior to high wind storms and perhaps each winter? Will the reduced water flow still clean your pool or is running your pump for more hours acceptable? That said, the low cost and ease of installing your first panels may make it feasible for you to experiment. In most situations plastic solar panels will increase your comfort during the regular swimming season however they are not likely to increase the length of the swimming season unless you supplement with gas heating also. No prior planning can substitute for the experience of trying it out.

Before you begin, consider your climate and reduce your expectations One of the most cost-effective uses of solar energy is to heat swimming pools. Swimming pools require low temperature heat, which is where solar collectors are most efficient.

You can use either unglazed or glazed collectors to heat an indoor pool. If the pool is located in a cold climate region, the unglazed systems will not provide much heat in the winter, but may be more cost-effective overall because of their lower initial cost

Solar pool heating systems can provide up to 100% of your pool heating needs at certain times of the year. The combination of a solar pool heating system supplying heat to the pool and a cover cutting evaporation when the pool is not in use is a great way to manage your facility's energy costs and protect your building.

With a little sunshine, a simple collector attached to your roof and an automatic or manual control, your pool will retain a comfortable temperature for your ultimate enjoyment. A few laps early in the morning or a dip in the pool after work with the kids … what more could you want?