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13 Nov

The SEP Certified Practitioner

With the introduction of SEP, commercial, industrial and government facility managers will be able to participate in a nationally recognized, accredited system to independently verify implementation of best practices and performance improvements in energy efficiency.

Achieving this voluntary certification will require plants and facilities to elevate energy efficiency into management processes and improve energy intensity.

Certified Practitioners will be needed to help plants apply ISO 50001 as well as to validate the energy intensity improvement efforts undertaken by the plants seeking SEP certification.

These professionals will focus on the implementation of energy management systems, and how to prepare for an external energy assessment.

In addition to energy management, certified practitioners in compressed air, process heating, pumping and steam systems also will be trained to perform energy assessments.

These Certified Practitioners will enable plant personnel to understand what data should be collected, how to interpret information from the assessment(s) and to identify efficiency improvements that will optimize system energy performance.

In addition to focusing on energy management, Certified Practitioners will serve as SEP Lead Auditors and SEP Performance Validators.

These Certified Practitioners will undergo similar training and act as third-party auditors to verify whether a facility has complied with ISO 50001 and improved their energy performance.

The Performance Validators will focus on applying the SEP measurement and verification protocol and ensuring energy intensity performance criteria is reached.

Lead Auditors will use the ISO 50001 and SEP requirements to perform the audits.