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29 Oct

The rise of ethical or socially responsible investments

When we invest our money, the majority of us are looking for a degree of security, the anticipation of good returns and peace of mind: a combination rarely achieved. However, we are living at a critical point in human history and, by any stretch of the imagination, interesting times. By investing in Carbon Credit projects, an investor can enjoy high returns on his investment plus satisfaction in the knowledge that they are truly helping to change our planet for the good. One question raised by critics is:

Is it immoral to make profit from an investment that will be for the Betterment of humankind and our planet? No, it is necessary. Charity, common sense and our conscience will only take environmental change so far. We live in a society where money is important. Achieving change requires the participation of businesses and governments around the World. Making profits is fundamental to achieving change on a scale that is necessary. According to a recent New York Times article, carbon trading is one of the “fastest-growing specialties in financial services.

” Companies are scrambling to get “a slice of a market now worth about $30 billion and that could grow to $1trillion within a decade.” Another article, “In London’s Financial World, Carbon Trading Is the New Big Thing,” states that, “Carbon will be the world’s biggest commodity market, and it could become the world’s biggest market over all.” As more and more governments start to regulate their country’s emissions, and as more companies start to limit their emissions, either voluntarily or by legal requirement, the demand for available carbon credits will steadily rise - and so will the price!

We need only refer to the law of supply and demand to see that this industry is on the brink of a major explosion. If increased demand dictates an increase in price, getting involved now could be one of the wisest investment moves in the first half of this century.